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The 12 Dumbest Social Media Mistakes

  Social media sites provide an unprecedented opportunity to network and grow your business online. Don’t throw away this golden ticket by making these 12 costly mistakes! 1. Posting long, messy, nasty URLs. Use a URL shortener like 2. Posting too often. Rein this in by posting only when you actually have something significant Continue Reading…


10 Creative Ways to Engage People On Social Media

  Social media platforms offer a great way to create new connections and strengthen existing relationships. Here’s 10 simple ways you can engage people on social media to develop more meaningful, and potentially profitable friendships and partnerships. #SocialMediaConnections 1. Acknowledge. It’s no accident that this is #1. Comment on your friends statuses and posts. Reply Continue Reading…


How to Have Overnight Success

You have the potential to achieve great things, and to do something extraordinary, whether it’s in your online business or something else. And achieving the extraordinary is more possible than ever before, thanks to the technologies and knowledge we have today. However, it’s also easier than ever before to get distracted, too. So, how do Continue Reading…

The most successfully home based businesses