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A Quick Guide to Building More Backlinks

Quality backlinks remain a critical component of search engine optimization. Thus, increasing the amount of high-quality inbound links to your eCommerce site means more traffic and more eyes on your products.

Building Quality Backlinks

The following is an overview of top tips to help you build more backlinks in 2018 and beyond.

Create and Publish Infographics

Infographics are visual compilations of data points or key items around a central topic. Companies and bloggers integrate infographics into their articles and social media messages to support their content.

Publish infographics that highlight primary or secondary data, compile top products for the holiday season, compile relevant tips or otherwise visually present valued information. Include your home page or a landing page to generate backlinks when people share the infographic.

Propose Products for Shopping Guides

Every year, thousands of online publishers and bloggers prepare holiday shopping guides. Do a Google search and compile a contact list of guide publishers from the previous year. Then, create a compelling email message proposing a hot item for the upcoming guide.

When you make your recommendation, include the link to the product’s landing page on your site. Even if only a small portion of those you contact include the proposed item, you could earn several quality backlinks.

Publish Popular Content on Social Media

Social media links don’t directly generate SEO value, but they do make your links more accessible for people to share. After you create an impactful blog post about a topic of interest to your followers, post it on social media. Make it easy for readers to then re-share the post by adding sharing buttons on the article. You can also post content highlighting a hot or trendy product and sharing a relevant message about it.

As people re-share and the link gets passed around, other site operators and bloggers may include the link in their own articles.

Ask for Them

It might surprise you to know that a lot of online publishers gladly share links when you make a reasonable and polite request. For instance, a blogger who wants to add value for readers might include your article or landing page link if you ask him or her to do so.

You can also ask contacts in your business network to include links. Direct suppliers of the goods you sell might include a link to your site to help promote availability of their goods.

Submit to Industry Directories

They aren’t all equal in value, but there are typically hundreds of niche website directories that compile relevant links. If you sell products in niche categories, search for directories that organize links within that category or topic. Some directories have no restrictions for inclusion whereas others might request a payment or other step for listing.


These are some of the ideal strategies that eSellers can use to earn high-quality backlinks. Building up quality links over time helps with SEO, traffic and conversions.


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